The Pandart method combines:
We find the best results when these three work in concert.

Each is beneficial on its own, so we offer them separately as well as together. It all depends on you. We can discuss the right plan for you during a free 30 minute consultation. Book one now!


Pilates is an exercise method designed to strengthen your whole body, restore your muscle balance and develop your mind-body connection.

Pilates is for everybody, at any age and level of experience. It prevents and soothes chronic pain, corrects muscles imbalances and improves posture.

Pilates is 100% adjustable to your abilities — whether you spend a lot of time seated, have limited motion, are an athlete or anything in between.

Focus areas:

  • Muscle memory that’s precise, fluid and translates to your daily activity.
  • Breathing techniques for blood circulation and muscle relaxation.
  • Muscle strength, particularly the deep abdominal muscles, back muscles and muscles of the pelvic floor (“core muscles”) required for safe bodily movement.
  • A greater sense of ownership of your own body and a calmer mental state.
We offer Pilates on a mat as well as on equipment.
  • Pilates-based exercise programs
  • Individual Sessions
  • Group Classes

“Reconnect with your body and experience long-lasting effects on your overall health”


For physical, mental and emotional strength, we need to nourish ourselves from the inside out with food that complements our exercise.

Finding a sustainable food routine can feel impossible when you’ve got about twelve minutes to yourself a day. The fad diets only add stress. (Keto! Paleo! Wherefore art thou, Romeo?)

We’ll help you weave a balanced diet into the fabric of your life. Because eating can be a joyous daily ritual, no matter your schedule.

We offer:

  • A nonjudgmental analysis of your fitness status and lifestyle.
  • A complete and personalized nutrition and exercise plan, with regular follow-ups.
  • A deeper understanding of nutrition. Knowledge that’ll stick.
  • Online coaching and consultations worldwide.
  • Nutritional Consultations
  • Complete Nutritional Programs

“Reconnect with your body, find your life balance, and feel happy”

Improvisational Dance

Movement and dance are some of the deepest ways to explore ourselves. To feel spontaneous, authentic, playful. To trust your body’s impulses and intuition.

Pandart offers self-exploratory improvisational dance and movement sessions that’ll help you to reestablish your mind-body connection.

Equally, we can achieve this practice in connection to others. We co-create a joyful, relaxed environment for this non-verbal form of communication.

  • Individual Sessions
  • Group Sessions

Combined Programs

Totally personalized. Won’t take over your life. But will change it for the better. Let’s have a conversation about your needs.

Online Services

Nutrition coaching:

  • Online diet plans
  • Nutritional education
  • Consultation services

YouTube exercise videos and online courses
(Coming soon)


Pandart loves to travel! We’ve found a home in a few NYC studios, where we hold group classes and individual sessions.

We’ll come to you, too. We offer on-site and in-home sessions.