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We combine Pilates, improvisational dance and nutrition counseling to help you:
  • Have more energy
  • Tame chronic pain
  • Say bye to burnout
  • Reconnect to your body

Simple changes I made to my gait, on Jana’s recommendation, have had a profound ripple effect on my bodily health. My hips, ankles and knees aren’t twisting as much and my shin splints have faded away. All because I made a small change to how I walk! I do it automatically now and it honestly took very little training.

Paullee Wheatley-Rutner

We offer consultations in English, French, Czech, Slovak, and Spanish.



  • Individual Sessions
  • Group Classes
  • Exercise Programs



Improvisational Dance


Combined Programs

  • Exercise & Nutrition Consultations
  • Exercise & Nutrition Programs

About Jana

Hi, I’m Jana — a Pilates teacher, nutritionist and dancer. My two homes are Paris and Prague, and now New York (two years strong)!

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