About Us

At Pandart, we help you feel good in your body. Not just pain-free, but truly alive.

Because it’s too easy to get so stuck in your thoughts, you forget how to feel.

Sound familiar?

  • “I’m just so busy” — both a badge of honor and a source of shame.
  • Eight hours a day in a chair, with that same curve frozen into your lower back.
  • More takeout, because you’re too tired to cook the salmon you thawed three days ago.
  • Pain that fades into the background, then zaps you when you take a wrong step.

It’s time to check back in with your own needs and desires.

You want to dance and hike and go down the grocery aisle knowing your muscles are strong and you’re using them correctly.
  • You want to turn off the push notifications in your brain, for once.
  • You want easy, nutritious meal plans that keep you alert.
  • And you want to remember the joy of being in a body.
  • We take a more grounded approach to life.
This is Pandart’s recipe for finding balance in modern times.

The Founder

Hi, I’m Jana — a Pilates teacher, nutritionist and dancer. My two homes are Paris and Prague, and now New York (two years strong)!

To survive being glued to a chair and stuck in my head while studying at the Sorbonne in Paris, I found ways to stay awake in my body. Pilates practice, healthy eating and dance classes helped me to cope with stress, chronic knee pain and major emotional shifts.

Dance and movement helped me reconnect with my body, my emotions, sensation and even other people. Academia felt isolating, immobile. So I had to dig deeper into body-based work.

After a year at Parisian dance school Choreia, I moved to New York City and got a certification in Fitness Nutrition. In 2017, I completed a program at Broadway Dance Center in New York. The next year I got my Pilates Mat certification from the legendary Linda Farrell.

Currently, I’m learning even more in the Dance/Movement Therapy through the American Dance Therapy Association and the Pilates comprehensive program with BASI Pilates.

Every day I’m astonished and overjoyed by how much more I can learn about my body. Now, I invite you to explore your own.